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Survivors Vol 1

This project has always been a dream of mine. I am not a Bob Marley historian but I know my earliest memories of music are BOB i mean apart from you know nursery rhymes. I'll say this, my dad loved him so the rest was history. I built a riddim cuz my dad was like someone needs to remake that Bob song Black Survival, its funny it was months before the protest things were kinda NORMAL in the US. I just wanted to do something for Black History month. As I get ready to drop Vol 2. I want to share the first edition with my readers. This project features Eddie Bellas from Saint Lucia, Backpack Benny and Descendent from the state of New York. I live in Massachusetts now so Brockton and Dorechester

Prod. by Dupes

Check out this playlist featuring new music written by and or produced by Me for the year 2020 so far.

I Reviewed a Song linked me up and asked me to review a song by this wonderful artist Zama follow the link and check it out show ZAMA some love. HERE Thanks Dupes





Saint Lucia

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