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Survivors Vol 1

This project has always been a dream of mine. I am not a Bob Marley historian but I know my earliest memories of music are BOB i mean apart from you know nursery rhymes. I'll say this, my dad loved him so the rest was history.

I built a riddim cuz my dad was like someone needs to remake that Bob song Black Survival, its funny it was months before the protest things were kinda NORMAL in the US. I just wanted to do something for Black History month.

As I get ready to drop Vol 2. I want to share the first edition with my readers.

This project features Eddie Bellas from Saint Lucia, Backpack Benny and Descendent from the state of New York. I live in Massachusetts now so Brockton and Dorechester are representing with Jiles and Battle Axe. Check it out. Enjoy it.


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