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Veteran : Dancehall / Island Pop

Music is powerful. It has a major impact on our brains and bodies, and plays an important part in our social interactions. For generations, people have relied on music to get through various life situations, and there’s no doubt that many continue to depend on music to get through this pandemic.

Sherwinn Dupes Brice and Radical One, along with the rest of the team, continue to make their musical contributions to help their fans get through these challenging times. With a new modern dancehall song released on 24th September 2021, the artists show no signs of letting up as they vow to continue entertaining the world with their multifaceted sound and uniqueness.

"Veteran" employs an afrobeat sound, dancehall bounce and hip-hop/r&b vocals to present a well wrapped energetic and danceable Island Pop song to the masses.

"I’m very proud of this record right here. Something about the way Radical One and I put this thing together was just different," says Dupes. "We have dropped quite a lot of music recently but some of these zoom sessions have been priceless. It’s funny to think we have not been in the same physical space creating all this."

Click Here to stream Veteran on your favorite streaming platform.

Alternatively, a download file is available via this link:


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