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Boston to Portugal

Hey its Dupes here. Used my phone to capture the moments where I actually stopped and took some deep breaths whilst working my way from Brockton to Lisbon. I've posted an instagram reel below so you can check it out. Its has a bit of a foodie slash amateur vlogger vibes but hey it's me.

Started my journey at Logan airport and after waiting a few hours to check in to my flight I had a quick bite of asian cuisine of potstickers, rice and dumplings. Had some very interesting sightings at my gate including a mouse.

After boarding a quite packed flight to CDG in PARIS I was served the standard AIRPLANE FOOD meal.... lemme tell you I wasn't too impressed but I was grateful nonetheless.

Watched a Bob Marley concert on the plane I also watched Judas and the Black Messiah and was inspired to write a song that I will feature on my Patreon very soon (well the lyrics for sure)

The posters in this post decorate the walls as I head to baggage claim and immigration. They depict what artist believe the future will look like in Paris in 2050 pretty dope stuff. Stopped for a break and then hit an airline shuttle stay in Paris for a few hours for the lay over.

Grabbed another quick bit before boarding to head to Portugal the flight was a bit more comfortable and short. There is a story about those sandwiches but thats for another show. Got to LISBON airport and after a number of missed BOLT (the local uber) rides I finally got to my AIRBNB and set up my recording studio to get things going and keep creating.

As with all travel I made a few friends along the way shared my culture and learned from others.

I'm happy that it didn't take long for me to adjust to the time zone so I adjusted quite nicely without too much jetlag.

Well I guess thats its for now more to come I promise. Check out the IG post and drop a comment I'd really appreciate it. Also if you are reading this and will be at WOMEX be sure to send me a message lets connect, we have our own booth.


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