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Bay Bay Riddim - Various Artist

The lines separating genres are being blurred more and more as artists and producers from different cultural backgrounds continue to collaborate. Today's music is becoming a one-pot of pure good vibes, feeding music lovers who crave the satisfying blend of beat, lyrics and intoxicating melodies. This is even more evident with every release from Dominican Republic's Radical One, and Sherwinn Dupes Brice from Saint Lucia who, together, have served up a new fulfilling musical feast.

Their newest release - the BAY BAY RIDDIM, features artists from Saint Lucia, Sweden, Chile, Sierra Leone, Jamaica, Trinidad, and the Dominican Republic. This project builds upon the foundation set by the previous releases that connect and expose creatives from all corners of the earth while carving out their niche.

The BAY BAY RIDDIM is a dance-centric EP with an Afro Latin Caribbean feel for which the tones are set by the breakthrough singles "Dance Wicked" by MadhedCity out of Trinidad and "La Mala" by Da Lee from Chile. Both singles have been making the rounds on streaming platforms with "Dance Wicked" being placed in rotation on radio stations across Trinidad.

The entire riddim is available on all streaming platforms from 27 August 2021. As a precursor, we attach 3 early releases for your enjoyment.


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